Stands for Prescribed Right to Income and Maximum Equity, a certificate that entitles the owner to the dividend/income from an underlying security, but not to the capital appreciation of that security. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. prime prime 1 [praɪm] adjective
1. of the best quality:

• acres of prime real estate right by an international airport

prime cuts of beef

2. main or most important:

• The developer's prime objective is to build houses at maximum profit, with minimum care for the environment.

• their prime concern was for the safety of the international financial system.

• Martin Marietta Corp., the prime contractor in the rocket-engine development program

  [m0] II. prime prime 2 verb
prime the ( economic) pump JOURNALISM ECONOMICS to make the economy grow faster by increasing government spending, hoping that this will encourage business to invest more:

• Direct investments in job creation are essential to prime the pump and get the economy up and running again.

— see also pump-priming
  [m0] III. prime prime 3 noun
above prime FINANCE used to talk about how much higher an interest rate is than the prime rate (= the interest rate charged by banks to their best borrowers):

• The working-capital loan carried an interest rate of 3½ points above prime.

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prime UK US /praɪm/ adjective
main or most important: »

This is a prime example of good salesmanship.


Reckless lending was the prime cause of the crisis.


With a market value now of only £2.1bn, it remains a prime takeover target.

of the best quality: »

The hotel is in a prime location in the city centre.


The land is considered prime real estate that could eventually be used for homes.

Prime-1/Prime-2/Prime-3 — Cf. Prime-3
prime UK US /praɪm/ noun [S]
the period in your life or your job when you are most active or successful: in his/her/their prime »

He retired while he was still in his prime.

past my/your prime »

I plan to work way past my prime.

US FINANCE, BANKING, ECONOMICS the lowest rate of interest that banks charge their best customers for loans over a short period and that is used for calculating the interest rates on other types of loan: above/below prime »

The loan was issued at a variable interest rate of 1.5% above prime.

See also BASE RATE(Cf. ↑base rate)
prime UK US /praɪm/ verb [T, usually passive]
to prepare someone or something for a particular situation: »

I was well primed for the meeting and gave a very successful presentation.


The company is primed to move ahead with its public offering.

prime the pump — Cf. prime the pump

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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